California Off-Road Vehicle Association

Update on SB 249

September 18, 2017 6:39 PM | CORVA Administrator (Administrator)

Update on SB 249: Just a few short months ago, we never would have believed we could take out 90% of the objectionable components of SB 249, and rewrite the bill using current law as the basis for moving forward. Because of your calls and communications to legislators and justified anger at the original language in SB 249, the OHV community was able to convince the author and legislative leaders to work collaboratively on this bill and it's companion bill SB 159. SB 249 removed the sunset for the California OHV recreation program, giving us a permanent program and grants program protected by statute!

Working with the OHMVR Division, State Parks and a coalition representing the united OHV community, we developed common sense approaches to improve upon and replace many of  the environmental community's outrageous and unwarranted requests in the original language of SB 249 for more strenuous reporting and monitoring of SVRA's that in many cases would result in spending millions of dollars on plans and reports with no corresponding improvement in environmental protection or improvement in recreational opportunity. We were able to drastically reduce these requirements, but as off-roaders we understood that retaining and refocusing some these analyses will also help defend our parks from frivolous lawsuits in the future. 

With the recognition that no piece of legislation is perfect, we've evaluated the final language after all the amendments to these bills to make sure there is no hidden language that could hurt our parks, our access, or grant funding.

We ask all OHV enthusiasts to remain engaged with your parks and CORVA. There will always be entities that oppose off-road recreation, and will try to limit our opportunities and hurt our program, so staying involved is important. A united OHV community with the help of off-roaders around the state worked together to protect the OHMVR Division and our SVRA's this year. With your support, we've accomplished something very important for the future of OHV recreation in California.

CORVA and all of our allied groups that support off-road recreation in California are now united in asking Governor Brown to sign SB 159 and SB 249 which are now on his desk awaiting his signature.


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